Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for joining Learn Deen Daily?

No, Its absolutely free however your daily commitment is the cost of this program.

Which translation should I follow in Qur'an Studies?

Sahih International is the most preferred translation.

Will I be provided Ahadith by the admin?

Yes, it will be provided

Will be provided Seerah Modules?

Yes, it will be provided

Will I be there different groups for brothers & sisters?

Yes there will be separate groups for brothers & sisters

Will there be any physical meeting as well?

Yes, those who are living in UAE will be notified about the meetings by the admin

Will I be provided certificate at the end of 3 months?

Yes, completion certificate will be provided

Will I be removed from the group if i dont perform daily?

Yes, the maximum of 3 days reminders which will be sent if no response, member will be removed

What is the minimum period for completion?

Minimum period is three months after which it will be continued as well

Can I upgrade the plan?

Yes, after completing three months atleast

Will my account be active after registration?

No, it will be activated after the approval by the admin which will be notified via email