Learn Your Deen

Overview Of The Plan (Standard)

Standard Package is most often used for all average learners as the Journey of learning is not too light neither too heavy. By completing 3 Months you will be able to In Sha Allah

Complete 11 Juzz of the Qur'an with Meanings.
Complete 99 Names and Attributes of ALLAH with Memorization & Reflection.
Complete the Learning of 40 Ahadeeth of AnNawwawi.
Practice 90 actions which will transform your life.
  • Quran reading with meanings

    Daily Reading of 20 Ayaat with Meanings.

  • Study of Names of Allah

    Daily reflection on 1 Name of ALLAH.

  • Ahadith Study

    Learn with Lessons 1 Ahadith of Annawawi which is the foundations of our Deen

  • Action of the Day

    Daily One Key Practice in our lives.

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