Overview Of The Plan (Standard)

Standard Package is most often used for all average learners as the Journey of learning is not too light neither too heavy. By completing 3 Months you will be able to In Sha Allah

Complete 11 Juzz of the Qur'an with Meanings.
Complete 99 Names and Attributes of ALLAH with Memorization & Reflection.
Complete the Learning of 40 Ahadeeth of AnNawwawi.
Practice 90 actions which will transform your life.
  • Quran reading with meanings

    Daily Reading of 20 Ayaat with Meanings.

  • Study of Names of Allah

    Daily reflection on 1 Name of ALLAH.

  • Ahadith Study

    Learn with Lessons 1 Ahadith of Annawawi which is the foundations of our Deen

  • Action of the Day

    Daily One Key Practice in our lives.

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