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Ramadan Special Event

COURSE TITLE: Rise in Ramadan

START DATE: First Ramadan

COURSE DURATION: Month of Ramadan

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HOW MUCH DO I PAY? : Nothing!! It’s absolutely free


COURSE TITLE: Gear up for Ramadan

START DATE: 20th April 2018.


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FOR ASSISTANCE (WHATSAPP) : +971 564865848

HOW MUCH DO I PAY? : Nothing!! It’s absolutely free


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Why this course?
Gear up for Ramadan course helps you to prepare for Ramadan, Maximizes the benefits you can reap this Ramadān.Makes you Feel different and reach new spiritual heights. Spend 25 days with us to lead a holistic lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually preparing for this blessed month. This is what every member of Ummah should achieve during and after Ramadan. We bring you our ultimate Ramadan preparation resource to help you make the most out of your Ramadan this year, in sha Allah.

Top 5 Reasons why you should join Gear Up Ramadan Program
  •   To Increase beneficial knowlegde and training for righteous programming in Ramadan & further
  •   To develop the sense of seriousness to make Ramadan the most meaningful & fruitful
  •   To strive in order to please Allah by gaining Taqwa, habit of Tauba and achieve tranquility in life
  •   To work in an organized and disciplined manner with Team Ummah and maximize quality Ibadah
  •   To energize & empower the spiritual being in You for the pleasure of Allah

Here’s What You’ll Learn:
There are eight core topics to help you become your best productive self during Ramadan and maximize the Baraka and rewards of your efforts and deeds, in sha Allah.

1) To be productive Muslim: The first step to effective change is proper preparation and understanding. In this you will clear away the misconceptions of productivity, and understand what productivity means in an Islamic perspective for dunya and akhirah.

2) To build relation with Quran: As Muslims, the Quran is our primary source of spiritual fulfilment and our greatest means towards spiritual progress. So no matter where we are in terms of our spirituality, the Quran is our means to advance. And with Ramadan being the month of the Quran, it’s only to strengthen our relationship with the Quran in preparation for it.

3) To develop the love for Sunnah: “Helping to implement a Sunnah for more productive life” Our knowledge of deen is incomplete without understanding or practicing the Sunnah of Prophet (saw). Ramadan is a time when despite our high goals and aspirations, we are not to be found slacking. Everyone wants to make the best use of their time. So let’s review how our beloved Messenger (saw) spent the blessed month of Ramadan.

4) To be productive in Dhikr: This Ramadan let us immerse ourselves in the remembrance of Allah. Remembering Allah (SWT) is one of the virtuous acts of worship through which one can achieve tranquility, rest and peace of mind and heart. There are countless benefits of frequently engaging one’s self in the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala.now is the perfect time to start strengthening this critical area of life. Ramadan is a time when duas are even more valuable, especially so for the night of Laylatul-Qadr.

5) To purify Hearts: Let us Cleanse our heart and taste the sweetness of true submission, give our heart a much needed 'health check' and determine whether or not our heart is ready for the journey to meet its Lord! "The day that neither wealth nor sons will be of any benefit except for he who comes to Allah with a pure heart." ~ [Surat Ash-Shu`arā', verses 88-89]

6) To follow the Heroes: Are you feeling lazy? Need motivation and an Iman boost? Gear up for Ramadan will give you an inspiring reminder on the legends of Islam (sahabas stories). These were people who were motivated, it is an example we need to follow and become people of substance.

7) To fast productively: This Ramadan let us practice a truly Islamic fasting which is a completely different experience. Ramadan is the month in which the rewards for good actions have no limits, the month in which we discipline ourselves and thus increase our productivity! In a word, Fasting can increase productivity.

8) To be productive in Salah: Do you sometimes feel that your Salah (prayer) is not quite having the effect it is supposed to have on you and your life? Have you ever considered that perhaps it is because we are not giving it its due justice? It seems we have lost (or were never taught) that ability to *connect* in Salah that makes all the difference in its effect on us. This is what we hope to learn in gear up for Ramadan.


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